Talking Immigration Policy & Reform with Emilie

Welcome to the first episode of season 2 where we chat with the great Emilie H. We discuss her work as an immigration attorney, working towards comprehensive reform under the Obama administration, and the current challenges many immigrants face today in America. While we go deep into her work and the promises and obstacles that surround it, we still find time to talk about the joys of parenting, having a spouse who washes dishes, and how to make a soup so good it heals and cleanses at the same time.

Music moments: Marc Friedman (The Slip, Ryan Montbleau)

In this episode we chat with all around music maker Marc Friedman. Marc is probably best known as the bass player for The Slip, a band that has had tremendous influence on many of us. We discuss Marc’s current musical project with singer-songwriter Ryan Montbleau and writing music for YouTube’s creator studios. We take a solid tour around The Slip universe, the prospect of future Slip gigs, the somewhat recent Surprise Me Mr. Davis gig, Marc’s current practice exercises, and that one time (in Adam’s opinion) he played the best note ever during “Johnny’s Tune” live in St. Louis, MO.

ep. 07 - Josh Barocas

In episode 7 we chat with the great Josh Barocas. We discuss his work as an infectious disease doctor, the joy of parenting with his wife Sadie, the nature of the “Barocas” try, which often finds him bruised and bloody by the end of a friendly game of frisbee, and the importance of both The Beatles and ice cream. Josh explains the nature of recurrent strep, and why the CDC never gets a “thank you” when they get it right. We walk a little past the shallow end on religion and politics (but only the fun stuff), and recall that one time Josh & Adam got work painting large homes, only to be fired after doing a terrible job on their first gig.

ep. 06 - Eli Pristoop

In episode 6 we chat with Eli Pristoop. A man who combines humor, kindness, patience, intelligence, and impressive basketball skills.  We discuss his work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, his time working with the homeless, his ability to quietly, and with love, point out the exaggerated traits in a friend, and his video career with his brother Rafi. We hear about his amazing family, his still unexplained power to keep one friend safe from harm simply by being in his presence, and that one time he slid down a mountain of ice and came away unharmed...except for the hilarious bout of altitude sickness that followed. 

ep. 05 - Jonathan Ellman

In episode 5 we chat with business-builder, husband, father, friend, and globe trotter Jonathan Ellman (aka "Jon" pronounced with a South African accent).  We take a journey through his inspiring work in the medical technology field, his habit of tending to work on ideas a bit too ahead of their time, and his amazing travels around the world.  We touch upon his devotion to his incredible wife and two kids, his time in Israel, standing on one's head while operating a chain saw, great modern Israeli musicians, and that one time he found himself mowing the lawn at the Taj Mahal.

ep. 04 - Carl Toborowsky, VMD, MS, MA

In episode 4 we chat with master of many things, Carl Toborowsky.  We take a true tour-de-Carl through his many accomplishments academically, and as a traveler of this great planet.  We get a glimpse into the talent it takes to go after jobs and goals with sheer will as opposed to calculated experience, and his eventual decision to become a veterinarian.  We tackle several aspects of playing guitar, attending concerts (mostly Phish), tattoos, and that one time we promised to help Carl study for a must-pass-class if he'd travel 6 hours to see 90 minutes of live music...he agreed. 

ep.03 - jessica l.z.

In episode 3, we chat with radiator-of-positive-energy Jessica L.Z..  We discuss her work in clinical psychology, finding love in Israel, and what life is like in Riverdale after promising to never leave the Upper West Side.  Jessica is finally given a proper thank you for that memory-of-memories with drummer Jon Fishman, and we reminisce about growing up in a family with evolving spiritual beliefs, marrying young, and that one time Jessica got lost in 14 hours of traffic to see Phish in the Everglades for the new millennium.  

(a new name)

It turns out that "ish" is incredibly overused in the podcast world. That proved moderately annoying to me regardless of the fact that Joshua, or Carl, or probably Heinz, invented the modern usage of the term nearly 20 years ago.  Therefore we have a new name.  The Regular Awesome, or as the kids like to call it the Reg Awe.  New name comes with two new websites: & Enjoy

ep.02 - mark chaney

For episode two of podcast ish we chat with Mark Chaney. The always entertaining, ever present inspiration in many of our lives.  Mark is the proud father of twin boys, husband to super doctor/mother/baby-saver Julia, member of his local school board, and founding member of the band vlvx.  Not surprisingly a lot of ground was covered;  Phish Festival traffic, psychotherapy, sobriety, working in mental health, working on a farm, illtet shows, making music later in life, and Mark's desire to do whatever it takes to get The Slip to reunite.  

ep.01 - david pinzur

In the first episode of podcast ish, we chat with David Pinzur.  An all around great human, whose bass playing sits deep in the pocket, and who is about to embark on a two year post-doc journey to Germany.  We also touch upon not eating animals, optometry, speech impediments, his recent engagement, and that one time he got dragged down a hill by a great dane, sent to the hospital, and still played the gig hours later. 


Most people in most places have awesome stories to tell.  I know my friends and family do. Initially focusing on the on-goings and whereabouts of several concentric circles of friends who all attended Washington University in St. Louis, MO together, these conversations explore the great and challenging moments that have ensued over the past 17 years. Once captured, these stories lead to connections with a wider network of friends, and their stories will be told. And on. And on.